Which OS You Use | Windows, Linux, macOS? | Post Here! [Discussion]

Hello 1Hacker’s :slight_smile:

Let’s put it here clean and clear, so newbies around, or anyone who interested to know how to know why they can easily determine the need and what it can do for you.

Which OS you use windows 10 or windows 7:

  • What’s the OS name?
  • Why you use it?
  • What’s the benefits?
  • What’s your daily task on the OS?

Everyone, put your review on your need below, let’s make this topic looks like a support centre. but please put your genuine reviews only, do not put Difference reviews between both OS’es, this is a topic to know which OS you use from both and why you use it, what’s your daily task on OS’es.

Kindly proceed and comment below your review.



i personally use windows 7 Ultimate just because thats what i have grown up with, my first OS I used was xp and then after that when win 7 came i switched and its been the best OS i have used till this day because:

1: its simple to use for everyone
2: almost every software or program is available to it unlike macos or linux

i use it daily to watch or download movies, surf the web, photoshop, use telegram, and thanks to 1hack, learn how to get a load of free stuff on the internet such as vpns, udemy tutorials, and premium software


I started using Windows 10, simply because Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7
2nd reason is DirectX 12 which supports my Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
3rd reason is for frequent security updates
I can also use Linux in Windows 10
I can test apps in Sandbox with latest Windows 10 Major Update, no need of third party app
Supports many latest applications
New features added frequently
More Compatability
Great for High End Latest Games
For better security with frequent security patches to keep your pc safe, unlike Windows 7 with no more security updates
UWP Apps & Games with crack free protection, means no risk of malware through cracked apps
It looks better than Windows 7 in many ways
Windows Defender in Windows 10 is better than ever with frequent patches to keep new type of viruses at bay
There are many…




For me, efficiency means what uses the system’s resources to give you the best performance, It totally depends on the situation, my needs, and personal preference to get my job done easily!

My Choice

  1. Windows for IDE s like Net Beans, Visual Basic, Code Blocks, Dev C++ ( there are many IDE s there) & also for my GTX 1660S Super Gaming! :slight_smile:
  2. For me Linux is the answer compared to Windows. Back then I was too cheap to buy a Mac, now I have mac as well, but I suspect it is comparable to Linux and possibly superior in a few critical areas. Till now every tool I use works better on Linux, that includes git and the IDE’s I have that are common to both platforms.
  • Linux Advantages: it is an open source operating system . Hence the users can contribute to making linux better . Also , there are many linux distributions to choose from , each and every one of them provide a different flavor and some of the distro’s are made for specific purposes. For example : ubuntu/debian are 2 of the most commonly used distro’s which are used by programmers and developers. Backtrack/kali are the other distro’s of linux which are mostly used for hacking /penetration testing purposes.
  • Disadvantages : it is not as user friendly as Windows . That’s y I have windows as well for other work!

I use Windows10. The OS look pretty good and it comes with good and nice features compared to Windows 7 and previous Windows version. I don’t do much stuff on it rather than for coding, writing, playing music and videos and lastly for browsing the internet. I’ve heard about linux and i hope to use in the near future but for now Windows 10 is okay.


You nailed it bro. Windows is easy and simple to use for everyone, in fact a complete noob and computer illiterate can use Windows swiftly and yes almost computer programs are available for Windows.


Just keep in mind windows 7 EOL is 01/14/2020, Tomorrow.



I’m using Windows 10

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Time for my review OS:

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 - Being updated from RS2
Version: 1909 (Updated so far)

My usage, mostly internet online surfing, encoding videos, photoshop, graphic work, and watching TV-series & movies. everything resting under start-menu, why I’m using it, it’s so simple, almost everything that I need well featured on Windows 10, each and every software compatible, windows 10 completely compatible to keep windows 7 apps as well, auto-detection of drivers, The lightweight OS, in my opinion, easy way to back up my work, (I always have back up under flash drive) easy to reset without keeping OS image under flash or DVD if it ever mess up (honestly it hasn’t stuck), I left windows 7 from last 3 years, since then windows 10 is up, and guess what I have installed windows last year when I changed my system, it’s getting better and better without installing, just a simple update does the deed for me. it’s faster and it never gets crashed, no matter you directly unplug the wire over and over again, reset feature maybe also let you keep the personal files while loading the OS as fresh, system protection let you restore the system from any spot. I think it’s enough for me. here is the soft look of my desktop.



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i preferred to windows 10 cuz its more powerful than windows 7

I use Windows 10 as it came preinstalled on my laptop. Easy to use out of the box.

On my HTPC I was using Windows 7 as I used the Media Centre. This computer died over the weekend and I am building a new one and will try Linux and Kodi/Plex.

I use Manjaro an Arch Based Linux OS.
Linux is way better then Windows 7 or 10.

Linux is way better then Windows 7 or 10.

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I use windows 10 Pro since Windows 7 is no longer supported. I also have virtual box running on it with a Kali Linux Virtual Machine for an ethical hacking intro course that I started and I also have Memu and Bluestacks for Android Emulation as well.

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I use both. Windows 10 Pro upgraded from windows 8 and Linux mint using dual boot. When i want to u play games using graphics cards or want to use desktop office, i use windows 10. My first os was win-98.

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