Life Lessons Part Two!

Part One is here: Life Lessons Part One!

  1. Love is a transient feeling. It fades with time and mood. Your problems are gossip and “time pass” for
    EVERYONE even your best friend. The only people who actually care are your parents. No one else.
    Not even your siblings. e.g. If you fail an exam, your relatives may only sympathize with you, your
    parents are the ones who will actually face headache and look for solutions. The key to happiness is
    acceptance. If your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you or cheated on you, accept it wasn’t meant to be.
    Accept that someone more worthy is meant to be in your life. Pity them and move on. Bad terrifying
    breakups are a blessing. You will ONLY realize it after couple of years of having broken up with
    someone you really loved. Breakups change your whole perspective and make you mature. Sex is a
    mere act. It’s highly overrated and has 0 significance. It’s hyped for no reason. Sex has nothing to do
    with love. Having sex doesn’t guarantee a long lasting relationship. It’s just an act. There is nothing
    wrong. There is nothing right. There are only consequences. Life is about perspective. As i said there’s
    nothing wrong and there’s nothing right. Eg. You tell a pornstar having sex is wrong, he or she will laugh
    at you. You tell a soldier killing people is wrong, he won’t give a s*** about your opinion. Everyone
    functions as per their own perspective. The main cause of misery in life is having association with
    negative people. If you are surrounded with positive and likeminded people the chances of you being
    depressed reduces exponentially. Life begins after no contact. If you are dealing with someone toxic
    (eg. Ex gf/bf) being friends with an ex who dumped you will only cause more pain. Because the day
    they get a new partner, guess what, they will dump you again. That will hurt more. As Conor McGregor
    says - “there's no talent here. I am obsessed”. ~~~~~ if you think of it, work for it, dream about it, talk about it, do everything based on that 1 thing you want - the universe will make sure you get it. Feel it in your blood. Without saying, work your ass off towards it. Do not commit to any guy or girl till the age of
    24 minimum. Be loyal of course but don't commit. Choices change as you mature. If you are going
    through a rough patch, keep reiterating to yourself that everything happens for the best and you will grow stronger due to this experience. Time heals EVERYTHING, but only if you let it. So when something bad happens, be optimistic about the future. With most emotional bonds which don't work out. Strange fact: you start off as strangers and you end up being strangers.

  2. When you don't want to check your bank account because you are afraid, you should definitely check your bank account. When microwaving your food keep it in circle and have it hallowed out in the middle. It heats more evenly and quickly. Don't fill "To" field in email until you are completely done with the content of email. The period key and comma key move YouTube videos one frame forward and backward respectively. Be objective instead of being subjective. E.g. if someone send you an email with no attachment then say "attachment is missing in the email" instead of "you did not send attachment along with email". If you are not getting something try to change your question. If you are after goals then focus on small tasks leading you toward that big one. Always check the air pressure in your spare tire and learn how to use it before going to long trip. If you are nervous about public speaking, go first, and do it. Note: It's same as the first Bank Account Tip. To check if everyone's power goes out search for WIFI networks on your phone. If it takes less than 15 minutes to do then do it now instead of procrastinating it. If you are getting in a large park with your kids, take a picture of your kids, so in case you lost them at park you can show how they look like and what they're wearing. Say "I assumed this" instead of saying "I was under the impression of" it legitimately works wonders. Use the "it was my understanding" with any idea or thought when talking professionally. If your printer ran out of black ink, then change the color of font to #010101, which is 99% grey and it will work fine. If someone is not shutting up and won't let you talk, drop something, person will pause when you go down to pick it up. Use that as an opportunity to say your point. You often see "sign up with your visa card for free trials" and you don't sign up worrying of misshape with your card. Well, if you get prepaid visa gift card, save 1$ or 2$ to sign up for free trials. Before doing anything, think "would an idiot do that?" and now you got your answer. Always remember X% of Y is equal to the Y% of X. Always check the reader first of the gas pump machine before entering your card in it. In setting put on the "undo" option for email so you have 30 seconds time to unsend the email, you wrongly sent. Apologize less and say thank you more e.g. say "thank you for listening" instead of saying "I'm sorry i talk too much". I never break the hug first with the person I love or getting interested. If you hate splashing because of poop drop on water, put toilet paper on the top of water in commode. If someone ask "why are you so quiet?" answer them with "Why, are you nervous?” Whenever you feel down play this type of challenging game and you will feel better. If you individually wrapped home cooked brownies at some music function or festival people will pay a lot of money for that. Always remember "NO" is a complete sentence. Sometimes you type something with all CAPS on and you don't want to rewrite it all. Just select all the text and press Shift + F3Go for PEE after SEX. All government universities offer a student email ID, use that to get free Microsoft Windows instead of paying.

  3. Here are 10 ways to work smarter not harder. Result-oriented: Focus on the results you want, not the
    hours you put in. Take-naps: A nap can increase cognitive function i.e. getting more done in less time.
    Parkinson’s Law: If you have all day to do the job it will probably take you the whole day but if you only
    have two hours you will find a way to do it in two hours. Give tasks a deadline. Chunks: This advice is
    common but the application is not. Start working in 25–30 min chunks with 5 mins of a break. Set-
    schedule: Whether it’s a day before or early in the morning having a game plan for the day will save you
    a lot of time and stress. Relieve stress: Apart from other bad effects, stress can hinder your productivity.
    It will be very difficult to get any work done. Notifications: Don’t check social media or messages during
    the first half of the day. It’s a waste of your most productive time of the day. Don’t work hard: Don’t fall
    prey to the quotes that say “I work hard and also smart”. That is simply not possible. If you put more
    effort than required (hard work), than that’s not smart work at all. Mindfulness: How productive would
    you be if you could keep your attention on a task without getting distracted every five seconds? This is
    something most people will never achieve in their life but I hope you do. Start meditating. Enjoy life: It is
    as important as working to give your mind new experiences in life because once your routine becomes
    mundane you will stop having new ideas. Do things you enjoy i.e. sharpen your axe.

  4. Never forget to exercise at least once in a day. It may be any physical exercise like running, gym, yoga, walk etc. It generates happy hormones in our body. Never forget that everything happens for a reason. Someday you will realize that whatever happened in the past has happened for a specific reason and it is for your good. Never forget that Karma do exist. Whatever you do either good or bad, same will come back to you. Never run behind the person, once you feel you are ignored. Never run behind girls. It is not worth of your precious time. Instead chase your dreams, travel, explore the world, focus on your career, and take care of your parents. Right person will come and stay in your life, when right time
    arrives. Never get a job by anybody's reference. One or other day, they will hurt you by saying that “I gave you job”. Get the job on your own capabilities. Never forget to cast your valuable vote. Never
    upload unnecessary “Faltu” status on watsapp. Never reply as “k” or “hmm” to anybody while chatting
    via text. It will irritate the person on other side of chatting. Never wish as “HBD” on any person's
    birthday. Birthday is a special day for everyone. It is not a decent manner to wish. Never use your
    vehicle to horn unnecessarily. It will irritate other travelers on the road and will also disturb senior
    citizens, children. Never share unnecessary posts on Facebook. Never forget to listen more and talk
    less. Never waste water unnecessarily. Never forget to respect your parents and take care of them. You
    exist in this world because of them. Never try smoking. It is very harmful for your lungs. Once you start,
    it will be difficult to get rid of it. Never drink while you are in a depression. It will increase the depression.
    Never work overtime and don't miss spending time with your family. In the end, family and the
    memories spent with your loved ones are everything in life. Never hit your parents or children. Never
    take tablets for common cold. It will reduce your immunity. Instead, try natural remedies like taking a
    steam, exercise, drink plenty of hot water with ginger and black pepper, have a spoon of honey etc.
    Never forget to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Never stay in a wrong relationship which may
    destruct your mental peace. It is better to stay single than to be in a relationship with wrong person.
    Never compare your life with others. Everyone is running on their own time zone. Some will get settled
    in life at their 20’s, some will settle at their 30’s. Think positive. Believe that “Apna time ayega” (Our time
    will come). Never forget to use your vehicle indicators while changing lanes, turning right, turning left
    etc. Never listen to people who tell you what to do. Listen to people who encourage you to do what you
    know in your heart is right. Never listen to the person who try to demotivate you. If your gut feeling says
    “that's the right move” then do it.

  5. Never shake someone’s hand, sitting down In a negotiation, never make the first offer When entrusted
    to a secret, keep it Hold your mentor to a higher standard Return a borrowed car with a full tank of gas,
    regardless of how you received it When shaking hands, have a firm grip and look the other person in
    the eye Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be Carry 2 handkerchiefs; one for you, the
    other for her/ him Marry the girl, you marry her whole family Be a duck - calm on top and paddling like
    crazy underneath Experience the serenity of travelling alone A good suit is worth 1,000 words Write
    your own eulogy. Never stop revising Never be afraid to ask the best looking girl/ guy in the room out on
    a date Thank a veteran and then make it up to them Eat lunch with the new guy After writing an angry
    email/ text, read it again. Then delete Give credit. Take the blame Always be the hardest worker in the
    room Attitude is everything Do someone a good turn EVERY day. If anyone finds out, it doesn’t count
    Don’t criticize Don’t gossip Compliment everyone. Be sincere Speak more about others’ achievements,
    less about your own Say “sorry”, “thank you” and “I love you” more Find a reason to like people you
    don’t Be kind, especially to those you deem undeserving Do the things you don’t want to do, first and
    best Make more time for others Be open to different points of view, regardless of how crazy - someone
    believes in them and it probably means a lot to that person Being over-dressed is ALWAYS better than
    being under-dressed Let the other person through the door first Keep your music down - you may like it but not everyone does or wants to hear it Be nice to servers in restaurants and takeaways and, for that matter, anyone who is providing a service Shouting never helps Accept criticism graciously and
    thankfully Confidence and arrogance are not the same thing If you don’t know the answer, ask It’s not all about you.

  6. 20 Rules For Your 20’s There are a lot of youngsters on this forum, and I thought to share a post here
    would be a good idea, would also like anyone into the next decades after if they would agree/disagree
    with this advice, it was posted on BHW a while ago, Just sharing a few things peoples inspired and
    changed their thinking, doing, or tasks.

And in the end, these 20 rules are worth to follow: 20 Rules For Your 20’s - Read Before It's Too Late!

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