Is there method to transfer all content of Mega to Google Drive without download limit?

I have 20 GB of data on Mega in structure form, but it has download limit therefore cannot able to download all at once. I want to transfer them on GD and download from there later.

Is there any method. (Coding is not the issue, since I can code.)


use transloader
Get direct download link




rapidleech not working, it give error such as FileID or Key not found at link, even though link is opening in browser for mega link.

It is also not working in my case.

multcloud is giving free unlimited data transfer for 1 month, so he can transfer his data from MEGA.NZ to Google Drive

am i missing something here ?

ya weird the last time i used mega links were working

Multicloud is fine but mega bandwidth limit exceeds :confused:

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i think theres a problem with ur mega link coz other mega links r working with the transloader

are you using folder link or file link?

File link…

Mega recently updated their URL structure.

Old URL Structure:!FT4AkKBC!VOYZ0VZVBSQ10CYtYn-Eamftfd8v31YXwRso6nXll8g

New URL Structure:

due to this rapidleech isnt able to get the File ID.


Thanks decoded the url :smile:

ya this i knew that this is wat i was searching what to chg in url

so what link should i add in rapidleech?

what changes you did?

this saved my video file as a binary file. what should i do now

Same here, Mega bandwidth limit exceeds.