Bypass Mega's limited 50GB storage quota

Hello onehacker’s today I’m gonna be sharing you a simple trick to bypass mega’s storage quota and we can store unlimited amount of size.

  • Create a mega account(can also use on existing account with certain free space available).
  • Open the mega link from the mobile app (it doesn’t works on the web version)
  • And just import it on your account and whatever the size it may be It gets imported(even sizes in TBs)

Note : Your account must have certain free space while importing it on your account and once imported we can’t import any other files and it will notify as Your storage quota has been reached
I’ve tested this trick on the android version and I dont know whether it works on the android version or not. I think it should work on ios as well.
As most of the links shared here are of mega and are mostly large sized so I thought of sharing this simple trick.
And one more thing, we can create multiple email accounts with a single email and all the emails will be received in the main email.
It was earlier shared here so I thought of sharing it here in this post.
Link: (
Open this site in desktop as it freezes in the mobile version.
Enjoy Folks. Have a great time.
Here’s a screenshot where I’ve imported 4 TB’s of data.


you can use a vpn when download stops turn off the wifi and reconnect the wifi and use a vpn

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I doesn’t get it . why is it working , what’s the catch
But i think its unbeliveable for me . Great post :heart:

basically he’s using the dot trick with gmail accounts to trick mega servers into thinking that it’s a new account every time he logs in but eventually it is the same old account.
It works because google does not consider dots (.) in the email, if that particular email is already registered.
But other websites consider it as a new email.
If you are still confused google about gmail dot trick.


Gonna try it out. Thanks @tapan_sharma

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thank bro , i will check it out

see my screenshot i did with cloudfare dns app
4.3 TB.

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wooow great man,thanks a lot.

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new mega Account with 15gb
see sceenshot with cloudfare dns app
4.3 TB

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i didnt get it, kindly guide me

by clicking this link it create 526 id for me, and i saved text file. what is nextstep? i need to use every id to signing in google?


I can confirm that this works. Thanks Man.

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OP says in their ‘Note’ as follows:
“… once imported we can’t import any other files and it will notify as Your storage quota has been reached”.

What I understand is that we can bypass storage limit and import huge file ONLY ONCE.

I don’t think it makes us able to continuously import huge files and bypass storage limits (making it literally UNLIMITED).



After my screenshot above I tried to import a few more files/folders and I was successfull. See screenshotSmartSelect_20200130-225400_MEGA

I think it does work if you keep doing it back to back, if you give it a break then you are not able to import anymore. To be specific we can say it works fine upto 6TB, but after that if you try to import something it fails / or give you the popup to increase storage.

Hope that answers your question. Cheers!

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it worked upto 8.55 tb for me.
i tested by importing same 4.26 tb in different directory.

worked like a charm

is there any method to transfer all my files from google drive to mega🤔

I use Air Explorer on PC.

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MultCloud - Focus on Transferring across Clouds

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It’s not a bypass they allowed this to their users as they said in their site it’s a “friendly feature” they allow you to go over your limit, but not many ppl know this. Thanks for sharing.

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