[WTS] Linkedin Business Premium 1 Year

I can provide you cheap Linkedin Business Premium Subscription which is complete legal and safe. This method is complete safe and doesn’t impact any trouble with your Linkedin account. I have sold this service before to some of my customers including some from onehack and they are happy with it and I have always received positive feedback.

Features included in business premium :-

  1. Premium Business members get an average of 2. 6X more profile views.

  2. 15 InMail™ messages

  3. Contact anyone on LinkedIn, even if you’re not connected

  4. Who’s Viewed Your Profile
    See who’s viewed you in the last 90 days and how they found you

  5. Business InsightsNEW
    Get deep insights into a company’s growth and functional trends

  6. Unlimited people browsing
    View unlimited profiles from search results and suggested profiles – up to 3rd degree

  7. Online video coursesNEW
    Get the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills taught by industry experts with LinkedIn Learning

  8. Career InsightsNEW
    See how you compare to other job applicants and get instant access to salary details
    Linkedin Yearly Business Premium Price is almost close to $600.

I will provide you voucher code that you can redeem to your account and you will receive 1 year linkedin Premium in cheap price of $50 per voucher code. You save 50$ every month month.

‘to note: if you are in trail period, the code will work only after your trail period is over’

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal or PayTM

PM @AsiankiPC if interested in this offer.

Disclaimer: Purchase from this seller, at your own risk, as 1Hack will not be responsible for any future loss on any of your willing trades from any “Want To Sell” (WTS) threads.

  • Tips: Ask the seller to provide some sort of middleman service, like escrow.com, for the sake of trade security reason, if the seller cannot abide on this, then 1Hack will suggest you to not trade anything with that specific seller. Good luck! :+1:

Sorry You Cannot Send a Personal Message to the user

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I can vouch for the seller, bought it last week and license code was delivered instantaneously. Highly recommended.

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Good luck to the buyers


Another Vouch for @TheSpecialOne : Very fast delivery. Service is very impressive.
Also the product is for very good value.

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Great deal and seller is legit and very responsive. I have done it activated in few mins post payment.

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can you provide premium career?


Currently only Business Premium is available.

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I would also be interested in Premium Career

This is a business premium thread. I have already replied above that career premium is not available. Additional info, business premium is better than career premium and has all features from career premium. It has some extra features like Business premium provides unlimited profile views and more in mails message. Other features listed above. If you think I’m misleading you can ask one of the buyers what features they have unlocked and how similar are all linkedin plans.



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FAQ Added
Is this Legit? How do you do it? Are you carding?

Before you ask, these are not hacked, carded or cracked accounts. These are fully legit upgrades and will be created by yourself on your own Linkedin profile. There is absolutely no payment method or billing information involved in this method.
We don’t believe in cheating, cracking & stealing. Our method simply lets you redeem our gift subscription that we got from our affiliate marketing channels.
Here’s a working proof that this method works straight from Linkedin customer support.

Linkedin has 3 different plans. Which one is this?

All our plans are Linkedin premium business plans which costs a whopping $575 a year!! You are paying less than 10% the cost of an original subscription. Fucking amazing now isn’t it?

How long will it last?

The accounts will last for 1 year. When you open the link for the first time, you will be able to verify the expiry date yourself on the confirmation screen.

How will the account be delivered?

After you make the payment, you will immediately receive a gift link on your e-mail address. Just click on the link and login to your linkedin account to activate the offer. Simple and easy.

Customer Service & Warranty?

We provide 1-Year warranty on all the accounts that I deliver. The accounts will never get locked-out or have any of the commonly known problems that exists with stolen accounts. In-case anything happens, I will re-issue a new account to you. All warranty is subjective to as long as the service is alive.

I’m already an active Premium subscriber(Trial month ) . How can I take advantage of the promotional offer?

LinkedIn Premium subscriptions are only available to members who have a basic (free) account. If you’re already a Premium subscriber, you’ll need to cancel your Premium subscription and then wait for the billing cycle to end (Note: This may take up to 30 days). Once the cancellation process is complete, you can redeem the promotion to activate the new Premium subscription.

1- Accounts should not be premium when redeeming the gift card.
2- Gift can’t be stacked but you can use my service every year (you can not redeem two offer to get 2 years at one time)
3- FAQ by LinkedIn on Redemption https://bit.ly/2SeruUu

If you have more questions my pm is open.


whats the price

$50 as mentioned with 1 year validity.

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And he delivered in 1 min!
Absolutely vouch for him :smiley:

So happy!

And it is for a year!
Fingers crossed it continues :smiley: :smiley:

made my week

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Thanks @TheSpecialOne very much! Good delivery and good value. Genuine one. That’s what exactly I need. :+1: :+1:


@OctanX_Hunter @Tadej_Danev Premium Career available now. PM me to buy and the price is same as business premium.

with this do i get linkedin learning too?

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Yes, absolutely… You can get it and it will expire when the linkedin Premium expires.

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100% sure? 50$ for a year, and then again etc?

for value of around 500-600$?

i meant if i get LEARNING access too,to all courses? 100%?

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This is a gift code. Once renewed for a specific time it will stay until the time expires. You can see your subscription details in payments and subscription page. There is no involvement of any payment method here. And if it expires after one year you can purchase another giftcard from me. If this offer still exists that time.

[quote=“Tadej_Danev, post:21, topic:90681”]
i meant if i get LEARNING access too,to all courses? 100%?
[/quote] know more

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