Windows 10 Tweaker | Easiest tool for System Maintenance

If you have some money to put in and don’t wanna do this manually On&On, then there is another simple “ONE-CLICK” app to optimize your PC even I am also using it right now! There is cracked version available, but don’t go for the cracked version! This developer worked very hard to build this easy-peasy app for us, so a few dollars won’t dry your pockets… :woman_facepalming:

Win 10 tweaker by JailbreakVideo

Win 10 Tweaker is a small but very powerful program that allows you to fully optimize and clean Windows in a few clicks.


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The program does not allow dust in the eyes , demonstrating useless opportunities. Win 10 Tweaker contains only the most requested parameters and options. Many options include dozens of others to save time on the choice of checkmarks, and, again, do not let dust in the eyes of the user.

• Each tweak item has a detailed hint when hovering over it.

• Win 10 Tweaker eliminated additional modules such as nircmd, self-extracting SFX archives and libraries that other tweakers need. The program contains everything you need to apply settings on the fly. If the user does not need something, the system will not be messed up with a single byte.

• Win 10 Tweaker does not just roll back actions if you use a separate icon in front of the checkbox, but restores system values. This can be useful for those who do not know how to return what another tweaker has broken.

• The program was originally written for Windows 10 , which is why it is called Win 10 Tweaker, but after several versions it acquired full compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, LTSB / LTSC, Home, Server.

• Win 10 Tweaker not only supports both bit sizes (x86 and x64) , but also combines both of them in one copy of the program. And depending on the bit and version of Windows, he chooses the method of working with the system.

• Win 10 Tweaker has the fastest and most convenient system for cutting and restoring applications from the Windows store. Win 10 Tweaker has no analogues in terms of convenience, appearance, intuitiveness and speed.

• The program has the fastest and most convenient update system . It is enough to check for updates in the “About the program” window and click OK to immediately update the program and start again.

Advantages of Pro:

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• System optimization

Compressing program files
Compressing only the operating system
Compressing only WinSXS storage
Clearing WinSXS storage of old updates and old components
Cleaning the system of outdated drivers / duplicate drivers
Search and replace duplicate files with the ability to remove duplicates

• Cleaning up RAM

Win 10 Tweaker no longer just terminates unnecessary processes,
but cleans the RAM itself by unloading unused
cache, libraries and child processes that the OS no longer needs.
The pro version also includes a memory cleaning widget
• A version for the tray is
available • Launch keys widget and tray
more on how RAM cleaning works are available

• Export and Import settings

You can easily save the state of the system in
order to use the import of all previously
made tweaks and settings, including the status of services in the future .
A quiet -import switch is also available, allowing you to import
settings and tweaks without unnecessary gestures and confirmations

• Export and Import drivers

Thanks to the export of drivers, you can save
drivers without unnecessary garbage in the form of additional software
from the creator.
Also, drivers from Microsoft and other
dubious software will not crawl into the export . Just what really is a driver.
A convenient list of
installed programs on your computer will be added to the drivers in a
convenient and standalone htm file with the date of saving.

• Automatic fixes

Win 10 Tweaker is trained daily to fix many
bugs that Microsoft and other
developers are in no hurry to fix . You don’t need to do anything to “cure” Windows,
just start Win 10 Tweaker.

The list of automatic fixes includes :
• Restoring the Startup folder if it is violated
• Restoring the system cache resource folder if it is violated
• Restoring the hosts file (rules and redirects file over the network)
• Restoring the self-disconnecting Numlock
• Restoring multiboot by pressing the F8 key
• Restoring unpacking msi packages
• Restoring the Command Prompt in folders (Shift + RMB)
• Disabling EDGE from arbitrary self-activation
• Clearing broken and invalid shortcuts that are searched
on the Desktop (without subfolders ) and in the Start Menu group
(network shortcuts are not affected)

• Monitoring the relevance of user APIs

When Win 10 Tweaker discovers the missing components of the
.NET Framework, DirectX, Visual C ++, it reports this,
offering to download and install, if recommended.

• Scan files for viruses

Win 10 Tweaker allows you to scan files for viruses,
without visiting the VirusTotal website, and doing all this in one window.
Upon completion of the check, you will be able to save a screenshot report
on the scan results, as well as upload it to the
image hosting with the automatic placement of the link on the clipboard.

• Super access

Allows you to literally freeze third-party program processes
Allows you to block the launch of third-party programs
Super start
Allows you to start any processes and commands with privileges SYSTEM and TrustedInstaller


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CRC-32: f2dd865e
MD5: e92ecf37573648ed66f7cca732bcb602
SHA-1: a549a5efa5eb26e8c4fcd3af70c32ae962c6fff7
SHA-256: ba598fddd6b55dadbc58a6356b957dce131e4838c77c3b52a051a68123719a99

aam can someone help me with this

Q. Why does antivirus find a virus …

A. Because you are asking the wrong question. That is why he finds the virus. And when you ask this question to the creator of the antivirus, then he will quickly stop finding the virus. Why do you know? Because antivirus needs to be promoted - this is firstly, and secondly: responsibility has not yet been introduced for false detections and so-called antiviruses can give out any information with impunity. Each new so-called antivirus on VirusTotal tries to distinguish itself and show what others do not show, drawing your attention to themselves. It’s nothing personal - just business, and you are the victim. But if you believe in “antivirus”, then you don’t have to believe in Win 10 Tweaker, it’s easier not to use it at all.

It is highly recommended that you read this playlist carefully . First you need to understand that, in principle, there can be no antiviruses. And even a neural network cannot distinguish a malicious code from a useful one, not to mention the algorithms of the “antivirus”, which detects malware and excludes the potential danger of this or that function.


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