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More than anything else, I want to make the most of my life.

In a way, that is my ultimate life inspiration.

It’s why I’m travelling now, instead of sitting in an office. It’s why I’ve chosen life on the road, away from the comfort and security of friends and family, to do something a bit different.

It’s why I’m working hours on end trying to grow this blog and make passive income from it.

I want to free up time, push myself, and focus on projects and ventures that bring me joy.

Yet, ultimately, I guess my inspiration in life is related to fear.

I’m scared of being on my death bed one day and feeling like I still have life left to live. Life is one enormous opportunity; the thought of squandering it is what inspires me to do cool stuff.

I see this as my macro-level inspiration. That’s what inspiration means to me and where I get my inspiration from.

“It works like a compass point, channelling me down certain paths- away from the safe and predictable and into unfamiliar territory that’s aligned with my goals.

(On the subject of goals, check out these 100 life goals to help find your aim in life)

At a micro, day to day, level, I get inspiration from all manner of sources.

I listen to podcasts from inspirational people. I read inspiring books by inspiring authors, about interesting and inspiring topics. Sometimes I just look around me and find inspiration in the world outside.

Each source of inspiration feeds into my ‘why’ and reminds me how I want to live.

Finding inspiration has a host of positive outcomes to look forward to. Within them is the meaning of inspiration. Keep reading for a list of inspiration advantages.

It starts with a dream; motivation comes from within. It has to be an inner desire, an inner fire, a willingness to achieve something you are passionate about.” Far too many people only focus on the hard parts of life that motivation can guide us through.


Something sparkled inside me with this.
Thanks for sharing.