Web Hosting For Lifetime | Free 💯

Everything You Need To Host Your Website Or Web App!

What’s Possible:

  • Free webhosting
  • Get free subdomains
  • Link your own domain
  • PHP support
  • MySql DB


  • No credit card is required
  • Just need an email that’s it

Just go to: https://app.infinityfree.net/
Register with an email
confirm the mail
approve that they can send mails to you
Now you got access to the Cpanel where you can start hosting your website!

They provide a bunch of tutorials and show you how to get started in case you don’t know what to do.


Feedback and appreciate the leak, Don’t be cheap at least!


Thank SAM…

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I sometimes use it. It’s good for some small and simple projects because there is shared ip, so no access to CLI/SSH. Although you have unlimited bandwith/diskspace, there is only allowed 50k daily hits.


Thanks chief. Awesome Shared as always. :heart:

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This is great sharing Chief. Thanks.

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Great share. Thanks. Any help on how to host wordpress on it for testing purposes?

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Profreehost is a better alternative.


Thanks man :handshake::bouquet:

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Awesome as always, @SaM !

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Awesome share @SaM

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Thanks for Sharing :+1:

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Keep up the good wori. Thanks

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You are Awesome SAM…

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Absolutely awesome share. Thanks Sam.

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Great Share Boss :innocent:

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Weldon sir. Thanks

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Lovely share Chief @SaM

Thanks for this share

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Free is always great! Thanks!

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