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W3Schools Offline :zap: Update v2021.10.21

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W3schools tutorials are available at any time within your local computer.

:interrobang: How to run docker image ?

  1. First pull image to your docker images :
  • docker pull ja7adr/w3schools
  • docker pull ghcr.io/ja7ad/w3schools:latest
  1. Create container from image :
  • docker run -d -p 80:80 --name w3schools ja7adr/w3schools
  • docker run -d -p --name w3schools ja7adr/w3schools


  • docker run -d -p 80:80 --name w3schools ghcr.io/ja7ad/w3schools
  • docker run -d -p --name w3schools ghcr.io/ja7ad/w3schools
  1. Open Browser for access to w3schools from or http://localhost

:interrobang: How to download zipped edition?

  1. Download Latest Release : Release
  2. Just run file index.html



Thanks very much… I’ve already downloaded it.

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Very useful thanks sam :hatching_chick:

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