Udacity Helps Workers Impacted By COVID-19 With A Free Month Of Nanodegree

I heard Udacity changed their refund policy and there are many bad reviews about the same.Now what will happen if I complete a nanodegree course, get certificate and then delete the account after cancelling the subscription? Is there anyone who successfully did this recently. Please guide.
P.S. I did the same thing as mentioned just I used my own payment details with US billing address instead of bin given here as I’m new to carding and all stuff. Please help… TIA

If you delete the Account You will automatically lose the Certificate, IF you do get the certificate within the given time period you will not be charged, And I don’t believe you need to delete your account either. Regarding your Question about the payment, I’m not sure But if you don’t want to get charged I’d advise download the course and “Cancel” the subscription because deleting account will still keep you enrolled in the Program(Meaning you will still be charged).
Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the inputs bro… :grinning: really helpful…

Hey @aberration_riddle could you please share the Data engineer course with me? What do you need from me to get it?

actually, udacity offer 7 days trial on all courses…somebody to share authentication token for nanodegrees https://www.udacity.com/course/intermediate-javascript-nanodegree--nd032 and https://www.udacity.com/course/agile-software-development-nanodegree--nd144 https://www.udacity.com/course/learn-sql--nd072 https://www.udacity.com/course/java-developer-nanodegree--nd035 … i believe in this forum

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thanks for this update…

i to want this please help

Bro offer expired i just chated with udacity bot :expressionless:

Bro, have you checked what date and time of this original post and the latest reply?

5 months already!!!

Actually not aproblem for me. The course i wanted just launched past month and i’ve been eyeing on it :crazy_face:

UPDATE: UDACITY HAS RELAUNCHED 7-DAY FREE TRIAL but it’s only open to new accounts.


Project limit is only one, i used indian IP, and they asked for no payment details! Is it same with you? Please reply soon…

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I really appreciate that kind help brother, you saved a lot of things here by providing the link!

Does anyone know from where can I get/download Udemy courses in 1080p ?


For now, it’s only active in the US(So you can use VPN USA IP).
A few thigs to note:

  • When you enter card details, there would be a pre-authorization charge of $1 to check if the details are valid(It will be refunded after 1hr). Hence most bins will not work

  • You are limited to submitting no more than 3 projects.

  • . Eligible Programs :

All programs are eligible except Hybrid Cloud Engineer (Nutanix) Cloud Native Application Architecture All single courses are eligible except: Growth and Acquisition Strategy, Activation and Retention Strategy, Monetization Strategy, Applying Data Science to Product Management, Establishing Data Infrastructure


Use PayPal with bin added. It will work.

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Did it work for you?

Yeah, it worked.

You will get a certificate only, if you can fhished the whole 4months program in one month (COVID deals). Is that possible? Or the program itself is solid 4months only and not flexible or can’t be compress into 1 month?

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