Udacity Helps Workers Impacted By COVID-19 With A Free Month Of Nanodegree

Udacity Helps Workers Impacted By COVID-19 With A Free Month Of Nanodegree Programs To Develop In-Demand Skills

Users can apply their free month to any one of 40 Nanodegree programs

With the nature of work around the world shifting to address the risks associated with COVID-19, much of the workforce finds itself at home due to remote work policies or unavoidable layoffs," said Gabe Dalporto, CEO, Udacity. "At the moment, what’s coming next in their professional lives remains unclear for far too many.

  • To help address this, Udacity is pleased to offer free access to our Nanodegree programs for a month to anyone interested in learning critical skills for today’s in-demand careers.

Starting on March 25 and for a limited time, users may enroll for free in any one of 40 different Nanodegree programs that range from data science and data analysis to programming, product management, self-driving cars and more.

Users receive their first month free when they enroll in a monthly subscription of Udacity's Nanodegree programs, and many students can complete courses in that period of time.

Users may also apply the value of a free month to a multi-month Nanodegree bundle which includes an additional 15% discount. To learn more, visit www.udacity.com.

SOURCE: Udacity


Just adding one more point

Please review our Nanodegree catalog to choose which program is right for you. Be advised that this offer is only for the U.S. and Europe.

To read full article : https://blog.udacity.com/2020/03/one-month-free-on-nanodegrees.html

Thanks for letting us know ! Hope to find a workaround to get the degree for rest of the onehackers.


Thank you for up! :slight_smile:

asking payment!!!
NOTE:- to the ppl not showing offer
connect USA u will get

Edit use bin :-655737


easy bro
Connect to USA VPN
goto this Post and generate some card

use this address
Street address : 225 Liberty St
City : New York
Country : USA
State New York
Zip code 10080


thanks a lot @dydx


Thanks!! It works perfectly

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Guys, make sure you connect VPN and use other email services like protonmail.com for contact purposes because you guys need to delete your account (probably if you dont wanna pay huge money and fetch out every material out of that, if you can’t complete within one month time) within one month. Use BIN and namso-gen.com for cards generations and zoners-gen.ml/ccn for validating it. MAKE SURE YOU USE fakeaddressgenerator.com for getting correct billing address. Thanks
Stay safe… stay indoors.


I have followed the steps connected to USA vpn but cant get the payment method to work. Any help would be appreciated.

Where to enter this exactly ?

after selecting a course, it will ask u to enroll.

After you clicked that enroll button, it will open the payment page.,
mentioning 0$ for a month, then after some amount.

That’s where u have to enter these details.

Thanks i got it :grin:

Wait, man, even though we already use incorrect information other than an email address? Will they still pay us for that? Is this possible?

Thank you very much!

Enrolled. Thanks man… I’ve been waiting long…

Is there any way to download the course? Tried nodejs app on github but throws error.

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i really do not understand …i should be sad or just be happy that COVID-19 happened :sob: :rofl: :rofl:
so many offers are available due to COVID-19


Shall I also use a fake name?
I used a fake name in the bank process.
But signed up to the account using my real name.
Used the US VPN. Fake adresses and everything.
Just have the real name on a Udacity account I created using smail.pro
Can I be in some problem?

Also, shall I activate the VPN everytime I am operating Udacity for next 1 month?

Now they put limit of 1 nanodegree per account :joy:

Great!! Just get that done within one month… get the certificate in your name and cancel the subscription or delete the account … make sure you confirm that, will it affect on dilution of certificate if you delete it.