Twitter Unfollow All | Unfollow Peoples In A Bulk!


Get started:

  • Go to your ‘Following’ page (
  • Start the extension
  • Automatically, users will be unfollowed.
  • Press stop at any time

More information can be found at:

NOTE - The extension might cease to function if you are jumping browser tabs, it’s best to keep the the tab open and active whilst the extension is running. You can in the meantime open up another instance of Chrome or use other browsers so that you can keep on using your computer.

This software is not endorsed or in anyway associated with Twitter and you should use with caution as we take no responsibility for any problems encountered by using this tool. Unfollowing too many people frequently can have your account suspended, however we tested the application and unfollowed 25,000 accounts in one go and had no problem.

Add and Enjoy!


Works great thanks.