Trello Keyboard Shortcuts & Cheatsheet ⭐

Managing your tasks with Trello is already easy, and you can make that even easier by using some of Trello’s keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts let you quickly perform many tasks on the cards in your boards.

Here are some of the Trello shortcuts we think you should learn.

Windows macOS Function
Left Arrow Left Arrow Go to the left card
Right Arrow Right Arrow Go to the right card
Down Arrow, J Down Arrow, J Go one card up
Up Arrow, K Up Arrow, K Go one card down
B B View the boards menu
/ (forward slash) / (forward slash) Access the search box
C C Archive a card
D D Access the due date picker
– (minus) – (minus) Add a checklist to the card
E E Open the quick edit mode
Esc Esc Cancel editing
Ctrl + Enter Command + Enter Save text
Enter Enter Open the current card
F F Access card filter options
L L View card labels
When in labels mode
1 1 Add a green label
2 2 Add a yellow label
3 3 Add an orange label
4 4 Add a red label
5 5 Add a purple label
6 6 Add a blue label
7 7 Add a sky label
8 8 Add a lime label
9 9 Add a pink label
0 0 Add a black label
; (semicolon) ; (semicolon) Hide/unhide label names on a card
M M Add/remove members from a card
N N Add a new card
, (comma) , (comma) Move a card to the bottom adjacent left list
. (dot) . (dot) Move a card to the bottom adjacent right list
< < Move a card to the top adjacent left list
> > Move a card to the top adjacent right list
Q Q View all your cards
S S Watch/unwatch a card
Space Space Assign/unassign a card to yourself
T T Edit the card title
V V Add/remove your vote from a card
W W Open/hide the board menu
X X Remove all card filters
? ? Open the shortcuts panel
@ @ Mention a member
# # Mention a label
^ ^ Autocomplete position
Ctrl + C Command + C Copy a card
Ctrl + V Command + V Paste a card
Ctrl + X Command + X Cut a card
Ctrl + V Command + V Paste a card
Z Z Undo the last action
Shift + Z Shift + Z Redo the last action
R R Repeat the last action

Credit: Mahesh Makvana

Happy learning!

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