TikTok 1k Free Views | Repeatable Method

TikTok 1k Free Views [repeatable]

  • Add your video unlimited time and get free views.

Website: https://goviral.today/



I love how it says ‘Exapmle’ on the url input section lol

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Is this based on zefoy?

Hey bro. I can not get in this link. Does it finished?

This site can’t be reached, I’ll just save this post for now

Lol. Good eye!

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Is there any chance of getting banned by Tiktok for doing this?

Don’t seems to be working bro. I tried a twice and waited for half an hour each.

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At the moment there doesn’t seem to have any effect, but if that were the case, I’m sure if you wanted to help boost someone elses TikTok page, they may get banned as well. Thoughts?

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Smart-ass! Good point Sir​:+1:. I tried the web tho, got one additional views, lol :joy:

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