The Rags To Riches | E-book


I’m going to show you how to find great sources for PLR, and then turn them into HOT selling inspirational products quickly.

Of course, there are some rules you really need to follow if you want to turn PLR into winning products.
Just so we are clear. PLR stands for (Private Label Rights). Many eBooks and software products come with Private Label Rights. They allow you to do almost anything you want with them, and then call it your own creation.

I’m going to show you why PLR is so easy to create products from quickly, cheaply, and with very little effort. I have seen many posts on the warrior forum where experienced marketers tell newbies that it will cost them at least $1000+ to create an eBook. I’m going to change the rules… You’re about to learn how to turn a boring PLR eBook into a totally unique HOT selling product quickly.

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