SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip annoying sponsorships YouTube advertising

Sponsorship is a type of advertising on YouTube that neither Adblocker nor YouTube Premium can help. The SponsorBlock browser add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome provides a remedy by automatically skipping these video sections.


Skip over sponsorship on YouTube videos. Report sponsors on videos you watch to save the time of others.

SponsorBlock is an extension that will skip over sponsored segments of YouTube videos. SponsorBlock is a crowdsourced browser extension that let’s anyone submit the start and end time’s of sponsored segments of YouTube videos. Once one person submits this information, everyone else with this extension will skip right over the sponsored segment.


  • The clever browser extension SponsorBlock for Firefox and SponsorBlock for Google Chrome remedies this problem by marking these video sections and automatically skipping them. The add-on relies on the participation of the community and a freely accessible database.

Chrome Extension

FireFox Addon


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well there is a way to get rid of every ads over youtube

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