[SOLVED] how to save mobile data in ubuntu

i use limited Mobile data plan . how i save mobile data in ubuntu…please help

WonderShaper is saviour for you.

WonderShaper is a Command-line utility for limiting an adapter’s bandwidth.

Check Restrict background data usages of your network interface settings.

you can also install Gufw Firewall and block unwanted port.

Tutorial is here : askubuntu.com

Hope this will help you


thanks man

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To limit bandwidth used across the entire system isn’t too hard.

  • wondershaper
  • iptables (limiting and blocking of all ports, in/out, except those used by the specific programs you want)
  • tc - traffic control; probably want to use wondershaper instead

For limiting which programs can use the network, you’d want to run them inside some kind of container/sandbox that prevents network access completely. firejail, with custom settings, or normal lxd/lxc Linux containers can do this.
If you disable automatic things that use networking, like automatic APT updates and upgrades, then those won’t abuse your connection. It would probably be best to setup network monitoring and watch how things are used, when for a few weeks to get an idea of where the effort to restrict network access is most important. Web browsers, email and backups is where I’d start.

GUFW (graphical tool instead of iptables).

  • Install Graphical Uncomplicated Firewall

  • Created a profile called: Payed

  • Incomming: deny

  • Outgoing: reject (you could choose for deny as well)

  • Add one of the preconfigured rules for everything that doesn’t work and you would like to allow internet access, like:

    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
    • And more to follow…

I hope it works!