[SOLVED] How to download songs from Spotify Playlist in 320 kbps?

As the title states, I am looking for a tool/website from where I can download songs from Spotify Playlist in high quality, with proper metadata. Comment if you can help.


They hv a bot on telegram which works perfectly
search @SpotifyMusicDownloaderBot in telegram


Can it download entire playlist of songs in high quality ? Thanks, though.

You can try https://chiasenhac.vn. They also have flac quality files.
I’ve also heard about Tuneskit music converter. Try them.

to download entire album/playlist u need to run their script on pc
There was another script called x spotify but spotify recently took it down u can read about it here

Spotify must hv patched it but u can try if it still works

Another software u can try is this

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is there any way to download the Amazon prime Top 50 international playlist??(without prime membership)

I didn’t find that xSpotify repo, the one I found on archive_org is obsolete [some users on Reddit stated], also the website you mentioned is not free, I guess the free version just downloads the music from youtube itself. Thanks for your reply tho.

x spotify repo was on github until they took it down i think.They also had a discord server
U can search for cracked ver of that paid sidify software somewhere i m sure u will find it

i have Xspotify source-code and application as well


give link bro plz :smile:and is it still working?

Alltomp3 and deezerloader remix. both great applications. and https://free-mp3-download.net. a really good website

Is it working ? And can you share it ?

Do these website[s] download good quality [320kbps or flac] mp3/ogg, or in normal 128 kbps ?

if u want flac i would recommend getting from deezloader



good quality 320kbps and flac both.
i also recommend downloading torrent music. they are top quality.


AllToMp3 not downloading for me. Deezloader won’t work, cuz Deezer is not available in my country. :confused:

u dont hv to use official deezloader check this out:-

use vpn

how about the last site?

@FlashyFlash @Th3_Goodfella
don’t ask me how to run it … because i myself scratched my head long for this …if it works for you update me as well

and yeah one file alerted Malware …so use carefully …sandboxie or virtualOS

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If you paid for the Premium plan, you can easily download the Spotify playlists and songs quickly offline at anytime. But if you are using the free subscription and don’t want to upgrade to premium, you are suggested to try some Spotify music converter software like TunesKit Spotify Music Downloader.

It’s able to help you easily download any Spotify tracks and playlists as MP3 or other formats without losing any music quality. For more other Spotify downloading tools, you can visit this review: 5 Best Spotify Music Downloader of 2018

Check this open-source tools from Github that makes it easy to download your Spotify playlists

The list goes on, you just need to search spotify playlist download github :smiley:

I recommend a software called Cinch Streaming audio recorder (Search it in google.). It is most convenient for me to save all my Spotify playlist or iTunes music or YouTube music or any songs you can find in web, you can save them in mp3 format with just one click. And all the downloaded music files come with ID3 tags such as albums, singer, and title .


Here is what I did:

I installed and open it, press “Start” button to get ready music recording, and then playing a Spotify playlist. The recorder will start to record music and split songs automatically. Then I just left my computer and went to sleep. When I woke up, the Spotify playlist with more than 100 songs was downloaded and in the format of MP3. That’s great, so I can put these songs on any phone or player.

What’s more attractive is that this software can get the original sound quality song, which means that if the song itself has 320kpbs , then the music I get will have such high sound quality, which is not possible with other similar software, highly recommended!

The shortcoming is that the recording time is longer than music downloading. It is recorded in the sound card that means you can record music with muted sound and without disturbing anyone.