[SOLVED] How can we get better download speed on RAPIDGATOR.NET with free account?


At-least A hope

You know the problem with these file hosters is that they speed cap the free users which isn’t good. But when you sign up for a paid account with uploaded or rapidgator host then you have access to high speed downloads.

Apart from the download limit all the other restrictions such as file download limit per hour will also be removed. Some users who are heavy downloaders would prefer to buy the premium account from these hosts but someone like you and me would consider free options.

So the thing is that their are many online web applications or simply said websites that can bypass the speed limit from uploaded or rapidgator. I have tried tens of different websites and after comparing each one of them I have found the one that I have settled for so long.

The one website that I am talking about is debrid-link.

You can sign up for a free account with this website and bypass speed limit of uploaded files. Not only that you will also get to use the seedbox feature of this app which is very useful if you wish to download torrents. Using this website you can easily bypass the speed limit from uploaded.

So if you are only looking to download files from uploaded. net for free then this is the best option. However if you wish to download files from rapidgator, hitfile or any other file host then you might need to consider the paid options (which is really cheap BTW).

Also, You can inspect element and bypass the premium download for some websites but that doesn’t works for all the websites because of their security levels, they don’t make the download button hidden, in many cases they redirect you to a new page that is totally different.

Apart form speed you donwload, you even asked for number of download, well in that case just use a vpn or proxy, if you are really familiar with it create your own proxy/vpn but don’t worry if you are not that good, you will find apps for all platforms (Android, iOs and pc) and even chrome extension which can create one for you. So, your IP changes and your no more limited to download only once 48 hrs or a finite no. Of files or whatever the terms of the websites says.

In the end, Rapidator’s security system is very high, not sure they allow any bypasses. considering the terms.

Fair Use policy

You do agree with the fact that registered users and users with no account have the ability to download files at speeds not exceeding 300 kilobits per second, no more than 3 files per day and no more than 2 files per hour. The maximum size of downloadable files for registered users and users with no account is 300 MB. The interval between sessions of the download must be at least 15 minutes. Premium users accounts have limitations depending on subscription package, maximum size of downloadable files: 5 GB.

You agree that the maximum size of files uploaded to the service are 2 GB for regular users and 5 GB for files uploaded by Premium account holders and for users uploading files using the ftp protocol.

It is prohibited to use your premium account for debrid services or share your account login and password with other customers. You agree that in case if you share your login and password information with other customers or use your account as part of debrid service, your account can be blocked without any refund and we reserve the right to block access to our servers from your network for violation of our Terms. You agree that you will not ask for refund or any compensation in such cases.


I mostly use this to download from rapidgator - link


You can also use https://www.deepbrid.com/downloader
Earlier it used to support 1GB files for rapidgator but now they have limited it down to 450MB.
The good thing is that there are almost no adds and you can choose for premium also which is quite cheap.


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