[SOLVED] Finding Lost Device

Can I find any lost mobile phone or tablet when those devices are offline or no internet connection. Can anyone help me???


You have made the wrong question while you’ve checking a topic that listed below number 2. Topic’s title is way different than your actual question. LOL

If your phone stays off it won’t get trace. A Big NO. If you’re trying to make test of it.
If a phone is Gone, then a phone you have lost never comes back, who stolen the phone they are even smarter, they know the such things. if you lost the phone in the market maybe someone will contact you, else you meet the thief in the future then it might be possible, this is how it goes. and if you don’t know who where when how, then I repeat it’s a Big NO for switched off phone to get traced. Good luck :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to know while the phone has no internet connection. But phone is power on.

Find my device via Google or other application requires Internet, so yes internet requires if you want to trace.

If phone is On but no Internet, Then go ahead and a Make a Call to your Sim provider ask them to Trace via Sim card, else call to customer care of the phone manufacturer if you Bought full box, they will ask you a few security questions, they can even Trace the phone and they can Block the entire phone. That’s all mate. there is no other Magic. :slight_smile:


Thank you bro.

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