[SOLVED] facebook identity problem

Sometimes we receive some false communications on Facebook, which leads to the closure of our account, and Facebook requests us to provide an identity ,so is there any methode to make a fake identity for facebook or a methode to open the closed account
Help me please and thanks :-):slight_smile:

Read the above mentioned Topics and their Replies. everything that possible mentioned on them.

And No tricks can be used against Facebook, especially identity ones, somehow you get lucky but you can’t stay long enough, and then it might be much Worst. So for the first time and keeping the account forever, be real and provide them identity to them review and let you access the account. that’s all. Good luck mate :slight_smile:


Thank you :heart:

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  1. Due to a fake name or fake Facebook profile pic.
  2. Due to sending too many friends request to unknown people or you are getting too many friends day by day.
  3. Due to sharing more then 20 post at one time. (you can share only 20 posts per day )
  4. Due to uploading something like you violate Facebook rules.
  5. Due to someone reported about your Facebook account.


There are many people who face photo verification or find their profiles disabled for updating fake info. You need to tweak making a fake id proof and use a Fake Id Generator App and activate the account again. Check out the steps below to do that:

  • Download the Fake ID GeneraTor App
  • Install and open
  • Add details like name, birthday, and other things – make sure it is exactly what’s on Facebook
  • Choose a country and add a color picture of yourself
  • Click on the ‘generate’ option and the fake ID proof will be ready
  • Crop to remove the portion where fake ID is mentioned
  • Upload to the Facebook account and find it work within a week


How to get back your disabled Facebook account?

If you think that the FB account got disabled by mistake, you can always reactive or recover it by sending out an appeal. To do that you need to:

  • bypass Facebook id verification by using the Tunnel Bear App
  • you need to download the app on a different VPN application from Google Play Store by looking for the Tunnel Bear app or another type of VPN like DroidVPN, and so on
  • register on the VPN service and activate the account by verifying email ID
  • open the app and choose the location Japan and connect to the Japan servers
  • now open your FB account through that browser
  • they will ask your birth date, mobile number, and different account related information
  • fill up all the details correctly and the account will reactive

Is there any link to download fake id generator ?