[SOLVED] facebook Block every new created account

Hi all community of onehack

we all know that fb is good source traffic but it became very shit annoying :rage: :rage: with his limited rules, blocking large of links also new websites (exclude blogger websites) and also new accounts with no reasons personally i’m losed many groups and pages bc of blocking accounts

i tried many method to bypass blocking but all most of the dont work, it ask about phone number and photo or id card even you fill them or not you will never access for your account

any solution about get blockd after one or two days after create every new account from desktop or mobile

Your question seems kinda confusing… do you mean how to create a fake facebook account withot been blocked.

Well in my opinion that isn’t a good idea but if you wanna go through with it, here is how.

  • Facebook is throwing the ID requests at accounts that are showing obvious “suspicious” activity. You can try using proxies when you sign up, but they’re getting pretty good at identifying fake accounts.

  • My best guess would be to try and use the account in a natural way to throw off their filters.

  • Also, don’t join any groups or anything until a few days after you made the account.

  • I also read that if you sign up as someone under 18 then they wont ask for ID verification so you should try that out too

  • joining a couple of groups weeks after opening, sending some friend requests, or being active in other ways just seems like the natural way to go in… especially in the beginning.

Try those tips and you would never get blocked! :slight_smile:

if you’re blocked by Facebook to access your account then it should probably be your account is reported or if your account looks suspicious.

In this case Facebook will ask you to “Prove your Identity” by submitting your Government proof Identity card which can be your Passport in some circumstances they might also accept your Gym membership card, School Identity card etc followed by your Telephone number.

It takes 24-96 hours for Facebook to review your account after submitting your request. Once everything is positive they’ll send an email to you to access your account.


i created many many accounts and none of them were deleted or blocked or disabled

this not solve problem when i creat new account i got directely this picture

Sans titre.jpeg

i dont mean the case what you are writting about
i mean Every new account = blocked account …even i do not any suspecious thing

It’s been Said very clearly.

Furthermore, let’s make it real here, do you really think, anyone can Fool Facebook? recently, they also bought WhatsApp and much more going on. their system and ToS very strick, it’s 2020 mate, if anyone tried any trick against them that trick ended up soon. they might be late on reviewing such things but in the end, they will catch it up. ONLY WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING AGAINST THE TOS. they are not fooled and keep blocking you for no reason, Obviously, you have done something, spam, links, misleading of services they provide, multiple IP issue, or repeating the same method over and over again like you keep trying to get an account, throwing links that have blocked, suspicious traffic, or recovering something that required a gap. it does make sense mate.

You must read their FAQ including do’s & don’ts, Follow the instruction regarding your matter, You know what mate? You can’t hide your Real IP from Facebook, no matter you use a VPN/proxy. Do you really think you can fool them? Just do as they told you to do, prove that you’re human not a bot, identity is a must. that’s the only solution. else, cut off everything, never Visit them for the next 60 days, remove cache/cookies and try again but during that don’t visit them, you will be fine I hope so.

Tip: Facebook aware of bots, tricks, so if you use any of them, you can’t stay there any longer, so better creating one original and normal account with the required information. to keep it secure, use approval and email verification security. but never spam Facebook. it’s not 2014’s version, it’s been 6 years now. :crazy_face: Good luck!

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here is a very straight forward way (should work)

get a new cell phone number, activate internet package in it, insert it in a cell phone that is brand new, make a new google account and then make a new facebook account.

You will spook the zuckerberg monster if you use your existing account with the newly made one.

and if they ask for ID … then grab a 13 yo school ID card and verify (but then you would have to make the account in their name) … which is not bad, because if you are a good father then you wouldn’t want your child to be on facebook like that … you get the point


i only made new google account and now work fine thank u this solving prob


there were many id cards posted in our group… does anyone remember the title or can direct me to the post link?

facebook asking for ID now…seriously unbelievable just think if ever there is breach then what’s gonna happen i really don’t recommend anyone to upload id on the facebook

facebook block my account and ask me for selfie photo for verification
*make me laugh so hard

i also experienced d same thing , created a seconday account it was blocked within 10 sec,