[SOLVED] Can someone explain how these BIN numbers are generated or how they work?

Just what the title says…
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In simple Bin is basically a dummy credit card that is generated and can be used to buy subscriptions from some websites. To create a dummy credit card you need a bin which is actually a 6 or 5 digit number of a credit card. If you have bin visit namso-gen.com ( website to generate dump credit card ). Enter the digits there suppose 515515 and click on the generate option. You will get your dummy credit card details.

To work a bin, copy the dummy credit card that works on that website and paste it in their payment option. ( Please avoid making bins yourself / less chances of suceed ) If your bin works you will easily get their subscription for free without using real credit card.

For official answer you can check the sites mentioned below -

About BIN

This site contains huge tools like, bin checker, bin lists, Credit card generator etc…


Hi @TheSpecialOne
Thank you for explaining the process,
Do you know how those 5 to 6 numbers are generated or how can we get them?
Do we get it from a real credit card?

Bins are already posted here. You can use the search option or in bin-tricks category.


BIN is not a dummy credit card … it is just a six digit identification number which is used to generate credit card or debit card
@rawn7702 you can create your own generator just like these namso-gen.com sites
you gotta do lots of research and various IIN ranges for cards and various validating algorithms (Luhn)
the information i gave u is just the tip of an iceberg …go explore more


cool, but my way of teaching is in simple words. That’s just need to know, else he can Google the same and he will get your answer :+1:

" Not six digit identification number it’s six digit bank identification number "


@rawn7702 Follow the above solutions that given by both members, That’s correct, and what bin stands for BINs (Bank Identification Number) it does make sense, what CC stands for CC (Credit Card) what CVV stands for CVV (Card Verification Value - Security Code) You should see either the entire 16-digit credit card number or last 4-digits followed by a special 3-digit code.

As I said, follow the above instructions that given by @TheSpecialOne & @dydx, where to get them how to generate them that’s not a thing to ask here, Google it and make yourself useful to find. NO MORE QUESTIONS.



Thank you @SaM @TheSpecialOne @dydx

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