[SOLVED] Anyone have a resource for poker courses?

Hi i been searching a lot on the web and there’s a lot of people selling cheap courses from sites like: upswing poker, etc. Do you guys know or have any idea where they take those courses?


I think that the CardsChat forum is the best place to study. In addition, you need to read study books and articles, watch videos.

You can have a look to this list of websites, open the page & Ctrl + F to find which website is avail for the free trial so you can try out the training for free. :+1:


Google “splitsuit” and check out his free training videos on YouTube.


Watch a video about how other players play.


Watch YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PSOOfficial/featured
A lot of training videos

NOTE: there are a lot of such sites, google to help you, friend. However, bear in mind that no training will not be completed without the game, and for money.

You talking about these vendors on different websites?

No one will know about them, until some one makes a purchase from them…

Currently no reviews available on theses vendors, so it’s hard to judge if they are trust worthy or not or from where they get the premium content from! Imo, most probably they just crack accounts with purchases from the websites, that’s for sure!

There is a ton of free information online concerning poker strategy, but just like everything else, you get what you pay for.

  • My advice is that if your serious about poker, go ahead and pay for a membership to a training site. My recommendation is Upswing. if money is tight, it is for you too, but it is worth the investment.

Hey man!
i have two courses.
Daniel Negreanu masterclass
Phil ivey
If you have telegram send me message: @justgodknows


If you want to get really good stuff then pay for Upswing Poker Lab.

If you want to get really good stuff for free then go to Zenith Poker.

Both sites are cash game oriented.

I suggest you to avoid poker forums. 90% poker players are loosing money and they giving shit advices in free forums.


Thanks bro! i have thouse two!

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Thank you, will do when i have the money to invest.

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Thanks! I will take a look at upswing!

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