[SOLVED] Any Suggestion Builder For React Native

Looking for builder for react native. Any one help to find best way to create react native app.

Thank You,
Allu Mira

hello what do you mean a builder for react native ?
you mean like a boilerplate ? or an easy way to build a react-native app ?

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Kindly be more specific so we can help you exactly what you are looking for, we still can guess but instead of guess and making the solutions as optional, why don’t you explain it properly and we will be able to put exact solution on it. Good luck!

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for exporting ios apps you must have a MAC system(X-code) or you can do it in windows with VMvare that have a virtual Mac system ,and in next step you must have a developer account then other steps are simple :slight_smile:

The best way to develop in react native if you did not have access to MAC OSX environment is to use EXPO as it will ensured the app could run on android and iOS.

The second option would be using private cloud Mac like MacStadium.

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