Search for any file on GD, Anonfile , Mega , Rapidgator and much more

Step 1: Go to this website.
Step 2: Select the host site like Google Drive,Mega Anonfile…
Step 3: Search your desire Keywords
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but it doesn’t get everything at that file hosting sites.

Nah! I’ll call this BS.

None of these so-called search engines work. I’ll call this out as fake, even though the mods here may get mad, and flag and hide my post.

This “search engine” is nothing but a way for this site (filesearchdotlink) to earn money through the clicks, as the first time you select a file service and click on search bar, the pop up page takes you to the file service with the affiliate number clearly shown in the url bar. (I’ve learned something in 1Hackus, no?) So what this site has done is to get an affiliate account with all these file services and they are collecting pennies each time you click on that search entry and the web page to the file service pops open.

The search results are nothing but normal website-restricted queries through google. You can get the same results by entering “search term” in google for example. Just enter the term you want to search and then “site:” followed by the name of the file service. What’s funny is that you can confirm this by searching “p0rn” in via this fake search engine, and then go to google and search “p0rn” and the results are exactly the same.

I’m no master hacker. But this is just plain dumb.

Besides, my own careful testing shows that if searching for the term “nude” and “p0rn” brings up nothing on Mega, then it is a fake search engine.


We don’t have oscar stickers here, else you would’ve made that, @SaM come on bro, get us some :rofl:

Btw, it was recently shared here: Searching files on server


I was going to say the same for search in particular website (i.e “search term”) but in nicer way. :v: :peace_symbol:

Any success using it?

nah not working

Nice thing

I have searched it and got result

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Works very well thanks

How does that thing works man there is no search option !!

Confirmed. that’s BS.

@ [Sis_Rihana]
Wow! It is Amazing. Thanks a lot

BS…What does mean?

@Sis_Rihana: BS stands for “Best Super” It’s a new and special award at 1hack for incredible posts like yours.


Step-1: Reach Search Download Sites Contents via Google Search Engine

Step-2: Type keyword as Udemy (For example)

Step-3: File Hoster as (or) (or) (or)

Step-4: Site as .com (or) .org (or) .net (or) .biz (or) .in (or) .us

Step-5: Hit the button Search via Google

Friendly Websites