Recovering a Google account

Hello Everyone,
I need your help to recover my 8-10 year old google account…So to begin with let me inform you that i do not remember which number it was associated to that acc… So the reason my account was suspended is that i was below 13 then and for fun i had put my original Date of Birth and then Google asked me for a proof which i didn’t have to prove I was 13+ so I left that… Now I wish to recover my account is their any way…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::sweat_smile:

How many years have passed since it was blocked ? If you are unable to create account with same id then probably its taken.

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Is there anything of value on the acc you really need?

I think this topic have been discussed previously. Here is the link you can check.

There is a post by @New.Guides Here is the link of the post

you can try it. I hope this will help you!!


But before my id was linked to multiple accs also when i try to use forgot password it says no id exists…

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