Random BlackHat Tricks To Make Money

Alright, I’m gonna give you 14 black hat ways to make money as a teenager. But just so you know, these methods are not exactly legal, and I don’t recommend doing them. But if you’re willing to take the risk, here are some ways I make around $350 a month:

  • Social media bots: Create social media bots that can follow, like, and comment on other people’s posts. Sell the service to other people and charge a fee.
  • Carding: Use stolen credit card information to buy products or services online and sell them for a profit.
  • Fake reviews: Write fake positive reviews for products or services and sell them to businesses.
  • Phone farming: Use multiple smartphones to earn money from apps that pay you for completing tasks.
  • Amazon refunding: Buy products on Amazon and claim refunds without returning the items.
  • Instagram shoutouts: Build a large Instagram following and sell shoutouts to other users.
  • Content scraping: Copy content from other websites and post it on your own blog or website. Monetize it with ads and affiliate links.
  • Dropshipping: Sell products online without actually holding inventory. Just find a supplier and sell their products for a profit.
  • Ransomware: Use malware to encrypt someone’s files and demand payment for the decryption key.
  • Fake ID: Create fake identification documents and sell them to other people.
  • Fake diploma: Create fake diplomas and sell them to people who want to impress their friends or employers.
  • Dark web drug dealing: Buy and sell drugs on the dark web.
  • Phishing: Create fake login pages for popular websites and trick people into giving you their login details.
  • Bitcoin mining: Use other people’s computers to mine for bitcoin and keep the profits for yourself.
  • Like I said before, I don’t condone any of these activities, and they could get you in serious trouble if you get caught. So, use them at your own risk.

Happy learning!


Absolutely fantastic and no nonsense guide, better than poor bloggers.

but hey, if its possible can you pls share the tutorial on how to do phone farming and mine bitcoins on peoples computer without them knowing?

thanks anyways