Linux Chrome Recon | An Information Gathering Tool Used To Enumerate All Possible Data


“linux-chrome-recon” is a Information gathering tool used to enumerate all possible data about an user from Google-Chrome browser from any Linux distribution


1.Loots possible data from Google-Chrome 2.Launches HTTP Server on /tmp directory (Usefull) 3.Simple script to receive data from Victim(One time run) 4.Clears the /tmp data when server is closed…

Files retrieved :

  1. History
  2. Login Creds ( Cannot grab passwds , because its encrypted )
  3. Keywords Searched
  4. Autofill Data
  5. Download History
  6. Top Sites
  7. User Profile Images

Installation linux-chrome-recon/pip3 install pandaspip3 install wget

To Run

1.On Victim Machine


2.On Attacking Machine


Here the RHOST value must be the IP of the Victime machine

Incase if you get any permission error while writing the data on attacker side Try,

sudo chmod 777 linux-chrome-recon


If your are reading this… Make sure you can add more modules to this script and notify me… Dont forget to star and follow.