LinkedIn Apps To Make Work Easier

The list includes everything from knowledge builders and business development tools to networking apps, powerful search engines, and free templates to help you better approach a potential client. Let’s jump right in.

Official LinkedIn Apps

Linkedin (Google Play)

LinkedIn for Android is the most popular social media platform for businesses and professionals. You can post jobs, search for jobs, check out salary listings, get referrals, promote your business, and expand your professional network. There are also guides and insights for professional development.

Linkedin (iOS)

The iOS app for LinkedIn gives you all the features of the website. Being an all-rounder platform for both job professionals, it gives a great many options for job seekers and recruiters alike. You can also find a lot of material on professional development and improving your business and career.

Linkedin Chrome Extension

Google Chrome offers a useful browser extension for LinkedIn. The extension gives you notifications of new activity. Plus, you can go directly to the website with just one click.

3rd-party LinkedIn Apps

Dux-Soup LinkedIn Automation

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to engage with potential clients and interested parties through engaging messages. You can use it to send personalized connection requests and direct messages on LinkedIn.

There is also an option to filter the search results of potential clients, find ideal LinkedIn prospects, and hyper-target your prospects. Plus, it can seamlessly integrate with your CRM platform.

As the name says, Hunter is a tool to find the email addresses of your potential clients or just about anyone in any professional field. You can find the person by their names or email addresses, and it will give you the most authentic and verifiable results.

Hunter also features an email verifier that helps you check any email address so you can send emails to the right people. Moreover, it adheres to the data transparency policy as every email they share has public sources.


Lead Gibbon is a useful extension for LinkedIn that is ideal for business developers, sales, and marketing professionals. With this tool, you can find the correct email addresses of prospected clients through the Sales Navigator.

Lead Gibbon has a huge lead database of email addresses from various industries and professional fields. Also, it gets integrated with your favorite CRM in minutes.


Wiza is your answer to a tool that collects information on potential clients and helps you build your network. Ideal for both recruiters and sales professionals, it helps you create a mailing list of ideal profiles so you can connect with them at your own pace.

Through its Chrome extension, Wiza scrapes hundreds of prospects from LinkedIn as real-time data in one go. You can add new/ accurate people’s emails to your list and export the data as a spreadsheet.

Linked Helper

LinkedIn Helper is a software that takes the hassle out of LinkedIn B2B marketing and promotion. This all-rounder tool takes care of sending personalized messages to prospects, sending invites to 2nd and 3rd-level contacts, and auto-responding to your connections.

It also features a built-in CRM to help you manage your contacts and their information or you can integrate it with a third-party CRM of your choice.

eLink Pro Marketing

eLink is a marketing tool for LinkedIn. As a browser extension, the tool views around 5000 LinkedIn profiles on your behalf, and these people are notified that their profiles have been viewed. As a result, most of these people visit back your profile and can be connected with potential clients.

You can also download a list of potential clients directly to Excel. A good number of look-backs that you receive with eLink can potentially engage with your business, thus giving you solid leads.