Link for Shopify 90-Day Extended Trial (It's Still Available😍)

Hey guys!

Shopify is still offering its 90-day extended trial offer only on their Canadian version site. (.ca) For other countries, they’re only offering a 14-day trial.

Like myself, many of them thought that the offer was removed very early, back in March 2020 itself. Also, it was availabe for a very limited period of time. Afterwards, we could only see a 14-day trial option on their official site till date.

But you can still redeem an extended 3-month trial offer by visiting here: OR

After starting the trial, the store’s country will be set as Canada by default and it can be changed very easily from store settings if you’re planning to sell from another country.

So what are you guys waiting for? Hurry up before they remove this long version of extended free trials.

Good Luck!


its not working they removed it

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