iPhone 12 Concept Design

It’s been quite a long time since we’ve posted an iPhone concept. And for good reason. Even if you like to admit it or not, the iPhone line-up in the last couple of years has been pretty boring. And concepts were just as boring or flat out unrealistic.

We haven´t got 2 months from the new iPhone 11 release and many are wondering already what’s coming for the 12th edition. Apparently, there will be three major changes that will come with the new iPhone.

1. According to the odds from SBD, a complete chassis redesign that will make the iPhone resemble the iPhone 4 and the 2018 iPad Pro design, but most important, getting rid of the notch once it for all.

  1. The obvious and expected camera upgrades.

  2. The new iPhone will be 5G compatible.

To be honest I don’t care about the 5G compatibility right now. Maybe in a few years. Also, no matter what some people might say, we have no reason to believe 5G is safe.

However, I absolutely loved the iPhone 4 industrial design and I absolutely hate the notch.

If you have a hard time picturing what the iPhone 12 will look like with the new “major” redesign, check out the concept below by Path of Design.

iPhone 12 Pro - Fresh New Design | ProMotion Display | Reverse Charging | USB Type C


NOTE: if invidio.us is down try another invidio.us instance or, if you prefer, watch the video on YouTube