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IGopher : (WIP) Golang smart bot for Instagram DM automation

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:zap: Powerful, customizable and easy to use Instagram dm bot. With TUI and GUI! Using Selenium webdriver and Yaml configuration files.

Disclaimer: This is a research project. I am in no way responsible for the use you made of this tool. In addition, I am not responsible for any sanctions and/or limitations imposed on your account after using this bot.

Easily configurable and easy to use thanks to his TUI !

Table of Contents


  • Go (v1.13+)


  • Selenium webdriver engine :stars:
  • Automatic dependencies downloading and installation :stars:
  • Automated IG connection & message sending :stars:
  • Scheduler :stars:
  • Quotas & user blacklist modules :stars:
  • Human writing simulation :stars:
  • Fully and easily customizable through Yaml files or with TUI :stars:
  • TUI (Terminal User Interface) :stars:
  • Many more to come ! :partying_face:

Check this Project to see all planned features for this tool! Feel free to suggest additional features to implement! :partying_face:


1. Clone this repo

2. Run it:

go run cmd/igopher/tui/*.go


:bust_in_silhouette: Hugo Bollon

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Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page.

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