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Safety is number one:

So which are the equipment for the good OPSEC?

  1. Hard Drive encryption software for keeping safe your HDD. (Veracrypt, Truecrypt etc.)
  2. Virtualization software (Virtualbox, Vmware etc.)
  3. Virtual Private Network services (VPN)
  4. Some alternate operation systems (OS’s) which have been designed by focusing only on security. (Tails, Whonix, Qubes etc.)
  5. Some services for using as you Exit IP like proxies (https or socks5), Remote PC connections (RDP), Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)
  6. Some plug-in’s which could be used for browser security or hide some settings on your PC/Network.
  7. Some software for changing something on your PC / Network connection.
  8. Some manual settings as general.

OPSEC is not just a VPN and TOR Browser. So People who want to do Fraud Business must have Top Security Level and with these Steps, you will be done.

If you want to check your Browser for safety, check it here:

Stay home, Stay safe :+1: