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Welcome to HttpCanary!

HttpCanary is a powerful HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2 packets capture and analyzer app designed for Android platform.

:fire:Most Importantļ¼šNo root required! No root required! No root required!

HttpCanary supports packets capture and injection. With this app, you can test your mobile Rest APIs very very easy. Besides, HttpCanary provides multiple view browsers, such as raw viewer, hex viewer, preview viewer and so on.

  • Support Protocols
    HTTP1.0, HTTP1.1, HTTP2.0, WebSocket and TLS/SSL.

  • Support Devices
    Any android arm or x86 devices include emulators.

  • Injection Feature
    If you want to modify request or response data, you can use the injection feature. HttpCanary provides two different modes for the injection: static mode and dynamic mode. You can inject query parameters, headers, bodies and status line. You can create injectors with different requirements, and the static mode supports multi injectors at the same time.

  • View Browsers
    Raw viewer, shows the raw packets data.
    Text viewer, shows the body data as a text.
    Hex viewer, shows the body data as a hex string.
    Headers viewer, shows http request and response headers.
    Json viewer, shows the formatted json data, supports node expand and collapse.
    URL viewer, shows url path and query parameters.
    Cookie viewer, shows cookie name, value, expiresAt, domain and so on.
    Image viewer, support show BPM, PNG, GIF, JPG, WEBP formats.
    Audio viewer, support play AAC, WAC, MP3, OGG, MPEG formats.

  • Content Overview
    HttpCanary displays multi-dimensional session overview. Includes URL, http protocol, http method, response code, server host, server ip and port, content type, keep-alive, timing, data size and so on.

  • Packets Filter
    HttpCanary multi-dimensional filters, you can filter the packets by app, host, protocol, method, ip, port and keywords.

  • Blocking settings
    You can choose to block the requests and responses, it is easy to debug your REST APIs.

  • Plugins
    HttpCanary supports many plugins include experimental plugins and extension plugins. Now there are some experimental plugins integrated in the app such as HostBlock, Mime-TypeBlock, Downloaders and OverviewStatistics. In the future, we will publish the extension plugin-sdk for the developers and supports the extension plugins.

At the end, HttpCanary core codes are opened in Github, we hope HttpCanary can help more people.

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ENJOY! :+1:


a better way of using this is try adm download manager with it

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Thanks for the info

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The free version has only little features. Any idea on how to ge the premium version? Heard the premium version has some sort of signature verfication which is hard to crack.

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