How To Target 2 Countries In Your Dork/Search At Same Time

  • This method will help you get websites related to your desire from 2 specific countries.

  • For example you want to know websites related to music/games from UK and us only in this case our method will help you achieve this target.

There’s a Google search operator OR it helps us find results related to two variables at the same time.

Another search function is their site, it helps us find websites with a particular domain extension.

Another operator is there () which helps us prioritize our search.

We will use these 3 things to achieve our desired links from 2 specific countries.

What we need it to attach this part in our search query.

(site:(DE1) OR site:(DE2))

For example: gaming websites of uk and us.

game store + (site:uk OR site:us)

This query will give us results related to game stores from both uk and us.

You can use this method with any of your dorks and get results from two specific countries only. Credit to blackycracky (outsider) for this trick)

Happy learning!