How To Secure Yourself From SMS Bombing!

So now-days SMS Bombing is trend all the script kiddies using script API or some apps to send bulk OTP messages to their victim for taking revenge or any irritating purpose. So in this post am going to teach you how to secure your number or device from this type of spamming’s. So without wasting more time let’s get started !


IF you want to secure from them then you need to know how that’s work. In this spamming mostly script kiddies use a tool named “TBomb” which is automate script based on API and the other peoples who don’t know how to type commands they use some apps or websites like Bombit Up.

How To Secure:-

From TBomb

In the TBomb tool a protect your number options available. Where you can save your number in their protect list. So next time when anyone try to start spamming you with TBomb tool then it not effect on your number(But now days protection option not available in the TBomb).

From Bombit Up

Bombit Up website or application also provides you protect your number option. There you can add your number in their protection list database. So its prevent your number from SMS spamming.

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