How To Secure Your Email | Best Emails Provider

Best (anonymous) Email Provider:

#1 - No email address delete + i guarantee 100% privacy, no one will see your emails except you (owned by me lmao)
#2 - Not bad, never got a email address deleted
#3 - Already got some email address deleted without any chance to recover them, so they prob check emails
#4 (DEAD)
#5 - Never got problems, i don’t about privacy but not so bad

Please don’t use GMAIL/OUTLOOK/GMX/AOL/ATT/ect…

How to protect yourself from infected email
Some mails may include a JS code to steal your ip or some personal informations
That’s why you should always use a VPN/TOR to login to your email
(of course the most email providers are hiding Image and disabling JS, but still be aware)

Note: Your antivirus will be useless almost all time, but have one is still good Unless you’re running on Linux/OSX

Happy learning!


On a mail what the fck lol
I just registered 2 emails and both failed to logged in in fact I registered 2nd email becoz 1st wasn’t logging in even I was given right credentials and also when I try to reset password it says contact email does not match our records so I got 2nd email to be sure same error is there after successful registration you can’t logged in