How To Monetize Your Youtube Channel Faster & Grab Subscribers

  1. Things that you’re going to need:
    • Verified YouTube account (new account, old account does not matter, just verify it with your phone number so that you can upload videos that are longer than 15 mins)
    • Fast internet connection (the slower the longer it will take this method)
    • Time and patience but don’t worry, we’ll set this entire thing up in no time and then it will be automated
    • YouTube Video Link Scraper (optional, makes your life easier but absolutely not necessary)
    • YouTube Video Downloader
    • YouTube Video Spinner
    • YouTube Video SEO Optimizer
    • YouTube Video Mass Uploader
  • Alright, now here comes the fun part:

  • Go on YouTube and search for “Full Movie”. You can even do that in your native language or search for something else just make sure it has a lot of demand. Movies are very popular, I mean who doesn’t like movies? Now you can pick a channel that offers movies only and scrape its video links with the scraper that you just downloaded or you can hand pick and choose the videos and save their links.

  • I want you to grab like 200 YouTube links of movies. Don’t worry about copyright takedowns and sh*it, these videos are already being on YouTube and no one cares so you don’t need to stress. The worst thing you will face is copyright notice but that will not hurt your channel.

  • Now that you have the links for the videos I need you to paste them into the YouTube Video Downloader (I’m sorry, I don’t have link for YouTube downloader at the moment, will update it soon… meantime look around on the forum I’m pretty sure there are such programs) and download them all. It will take time, depends on your internet connection. I suggest to download the videos in HD but it’s up to you.

  • So now that you have the videos downloaded we’re going to spin them. We need to do this so that you can reupload the video to YouTube without getting notice of duplication. To do this just open the Video Spinner app, it’s very easy to use, you can find tutorial inside the app.

  • Alright, you’ve spinned them videos, let’s move on! Now this part is a little annoying but we’re going to rename all the movies. We wanna make sure it’s looking neat so what I usually do is changing the names of the files like this: Movie Title - Full HD - Channel Name

  • for example if your channel name is Movies For You then the title should look something like this: Terminator - Full HD - Movies For You

  • You can come up with anything though just to make it nice. I know it’s sucks and takes time but do it.

  • Okay, good job! That was the hardest part to do! Now we’re going to do some SEO work on the niche (the movies, or whatever you’ve chosen to download) with the VMB program. Just start the program, watch the tutorials inside of it and you will know what to do I’m not going into details here, it’s all in there… What I do though is create multiple descriptions with different keywords and save it in a notepad for later use. Once it’s done we go further.

  • It’s time to upload those movies! Start the Mass Video Blaster and import the movies. Let the title of the videos be the file name (you do that with #F# in the program) and paste the description that you made with VMB into the description field, also put the hashtags and all that. I don’t waste time with putting different descriptions for each movie, I use the long ones that I made with VMB for all of them (as I said I combine like 3 descriptions of different keywords). People don’t care however, you must write something appealing and encouraging to subscribe in the first 3 row. I write something like this:

  • New movies everyday!

  1. Don’t forget to subscribe!

  2. Movies For You!

  • (then I paste the generated descriptions here)

  • Guess what? You’re all set! Hit that upload button and enjoy REAL TRAFFIC on your YouTube channel. You gonna see crazy growth on your channel in no time! I’m telling you, not even one week and you’ll have 1000 subscriber and MILLIONS of watch times.

  1. Once you have reached your goal you can go ahead and delete the videos and upload your content that you would like to use for money making and you can submit for YouTube Partner Program and start making money. Or you can start selling these accounts and make fast cash! Damn, these accounts are selling for $300 buck and up!

Happy learning!