How To Make Money With Dropshipping

This is different and battles your ideas on dropshipping, so only read if you’re serious about being successful within dropshipping.

Dropshipping, followers and social proof are more important for sales than the actual product for a few reasons.

Social proof is a powerful psychological trigger. When people see that other people are buying and enjoying a product, they are more likely to buy it themselves. This is because social proof signals that the product is good and that they are not taking a risk by buying it.

Followers give you credibility, When you have a lot of followers, it signals to potential customers that you are a legitimate business and that you have a good product. This can help to build trust and credibility, which are essential for making sales.

Take ANY celebrity/youtuber’s product for this example we will go with Prime from ksi and logan.

The social proof is amazing. Theyre massive youtubers firstly, so they instantly have a trust with their fans, BUT the fact they signed with football clubs like Arsenal and Barcelona and the UFC is the real beauty. A whole football club promoting a drink? It must actually be worth something.

Another Major tactic they used was the fear of missing out they created. In the UK there was only a certain amount of bottles in stock every week, so it was actually pretty hard to get any. Meaning theres such a demand you will want to buy it JUST to not miss out.

The actual product is still important, of course. But if you want to maximize your sales in dropshipping, you need to focus on building a strong social media presence and generating social proof.

Unless you want to either hire a media team or post unreal amounts of times a day (with shadowbans in mind) a great option would be to actually just buy them and be able to start selling straight away.

Not to mention you need atleast 1000 followers on tiktok to put a link in your bio, its extremely hard to start from scratch.

A website I use is its cheap but not cheap enough that the quality is dog shit. Theyre good, they stay, they look real.

If this helps just let me know by inviting me to your mansion in 6 years lmao

Happy learning!