How to make 2$ a day [One Time Setup]

@roastingwizard Unable to download the program…can you send a direct link instead of linkvertise shortcut link…

Thank you

i think linkverstise stopped working but this is the one am using:

  1. Linkvertise is working well, I’m currently making money with it now [as I’m typing this]
  2. Linkvertise updates earnings almost instantly, so there’s no delays in earning [if there are any]
  3. Don’t use botting or scripts on your main account, if they find out - any they probably will - they will stop the account and forfeit any earnings on it
  4. It is probably patched by now, so my opinion is, don’t even bother using this…

Nevertheless, thanks for @roastingwizard for contributing to the community…

then how can we create traffic without bots :thinking:

it’s not working :neutral_face:

It’s simple, just have something people would want to download, upload it anywhere, and shorten its link.
Then all you have to do is share that link everywhere you could.
Personally, I have my discord server and telegram channel where I invite people who want to download what I’m offering.

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