How to make 2$ a day [One Time Setup]

Windows PC

  1. Register Here

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  1. Download the Software from HERE

  2. Click on the continue to download the program button. Create one Link on the Website and enable every ad Setting

As Traffic Source add some Google Keywords that are suitable for your Link
Maximize Daily traffic to 10000
And set Traffic Platform to ~70% Mobile & ~30% Desktop
Also if you want you can filter for Countries that have higher ad rates
(for example Europe, North America, and stuff like that)

  1. Let the Program run in the background and earn some free money

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People with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise can use the inbuilt windows sandbox to run this app without compromising the security.

How to enable it:

  1. Search and open Control Panel on your PC.
  2. Go to Programs.
  3. Click on “Turn Windows features on or off.”
  4. Check the checkbox against “Windows Sandbox” and click OK.
  5. Reboot your Windows 10 system.
  6. Run the app



Yes and you can also use third party application like SANDBOXIE if you are on any other OS.

Personally, i tried this out by leaving the app running on a RDP with proxy rotation.

finding hard time setting it up

Where are you having problem, mate?

installing the software

can you please upload a walkthrough video… that’ll be very helpful thanks


Which software? Sandbox or Traffic Spirit

actually sandbox it is inactive

your system doesnt support it for some reason did you try sandboxie?

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Any Suggestions please.

any proof that it works?

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I have tried using windows sandbox, in traffic spirit i have 100 traffic, but it shows nothing on linkvertise. I dont know, maybe it needs time to refresh? Anyone has tried prior to me?
Im sorry its my first time on linkvertise so i dont know much how frequently they refresh their clicks and views :slight_smile:


Tried via another ip, by clicking the link created by linkvertise and the dashboard updated immediately, but in the soft it says 450 clicks and they are not reflected on linkvertise. I dont think it works. :thinking:


So i woke up today and realized that the clicks in my linkvert is not updating anymore either

:expressionless: i think they patched it

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cant we use another site?

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is this one still working?

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used and my account was blocked. Dont know about other shortener

Did anyone actually even make any money?