How To Install WhatsApp Web In Chrome | Extension Method


WhatsApp Web made it possible for us to use the popular messaging app on the desktop of our computers and recently the company announced the arrival of official applications for Windows and Mac. In this tutorial we explain how to access WhatsApp in Chrome with the WhatsApp Dock extension

1: Download WhatsApp Dock

  • In order to have WhatsApp Web in Chrome, it is necessary to download the extension called WhatsApp Dock.

  • Just go to the Chrome Web Store and do a simple search to find it. Click Add to Chrome and then authorize the application so that it can access the microphone and the camera and can also display notifications.

2: Access a WhatsApp dock

  • Installation takes just seconds. When it is completed you will be able to access WhatsApp Dock from the Chrome applications menu, as shown in the image below these lines.

3: Scan the QR code

  • If you are a WhatsApp Web user, this will sound familiar. To be able to chat with our friends and family through the computer, it is necessary to pair the mobile by scanning a QR code. This is the first thing WhatsApp Dock shows us when we open the application for the first time.

  • For WhatsApp Dock to work, you will have to access WhatsApp from the application installed on your mobile and enter Settings. Here is an option called WhatsApp Web. Clicking on it will open the camera so you can scan the QR code that appears on your computer screen.

4: Let’s chat!

  • As soon as you scan the code and it is accepted, WhatsApp Dock shows your WhatsApp conversations in a small floating window that is displayed over the content of the screen, much like Hangouts.

  • The advantage over the web version is that it best on a simpler interface window and by appearing as a floating one we always have it visible without disturbing so much.

Happy learning!


Unable to find whatsapp dock in chrome web store

i cannot find whatsapp dock on google chrome web store,can you help me please.

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i found this this my help some

Just out of curiosity, how is it different from except for the fact that you will just have a separate window for it? I mean you will still have to keep your phone connected to the internet, right?

this method is still looking stressful. How is it better than using
just asking