How To Get Mullvad VPN Key For Free

Guide how you can get a MULLVAD VPN key for free!
This key will not last a long time but FREE stuff is always HQ in my opinion.

[1] Choose an E-Mail where you never had any association with Mullvad. Or simply create a new E-Mail.

[2] Contact Mullvad support trough mail : [email protected] Tell them you would like to request a trail to see how it all works and if thi vpn fits you in your own words. I won’t give you the text so it will for sure work and won’t be SUS

[3] Wait for them to respond with a free key they send u. (16 Digits)

[4] Enjoy and Download Mullvad

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How long does the trial last? :thinking:


Usually VPN trials range from 1 to 7 days. I believe Proton is 7 days, Mullvad might be along those lines.

And @MikeBlueberry, it’s 24 hours.

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