How To Get LinkedIn Learning Library Card

  1. go here.
  2. Click to get started
  3. Fill up form (take help from this ).
  4. For Email go here (I will recommend you to use outlook, gamil etc.)
  5. Click submt button
  6. You have got your digital library card
    Gohere and now you know next process.
    enjoy … by #Oneaboveall

Thank you very much, worked like a charm, how long do you think this will give us access?


Many Thanks


This is a temporary card. You will get access for 30 days only.

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hope did not get the patch.

New york Library Card lasts for 1 month only here’s some other Library card you can check:-
link1 (90 days) VPN - USA
link2 (1 year) VPN - [USA, New York]
link3 (2 years) VPN - USA


linkedin learning1
linkedin learning2
linkedin learning3



Thank you mate for this <3

One of the most useful post lately

Thanks mate

Hey,Which rdp you use? Azure or aws?

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Awesome stuff!

Thanks Guys


I get this error for Memphis Public Libraries

VPN was connected to USA-New York (TikVPN)

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arigato sensei

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try to use free touch vpn

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hey there,
I was also having the same problem.
what you need to do is…

  1. go to the location of the library via google maps.

  2. select a near place to that library.

  3. copy paste address details
    BOOM! you got your library card.


Wow. Thank you so much @Byg_Bot It worked.

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Hi @Yaho_Sensei
Thank you very much for sharing with us
Working for me with USA VPN
I get Menphis Public Librarie 2 years

Thank you so much… this worked for me!!! I got 2 years card

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What VPN are you using for the second link? I try three different VPN and it’s till not working while changing to New York IP.

Error: “To qualify for this library card you must reside in New York state. Please share your location.
An error has occurred in your submission.”. I am sure that my IP address is in NY