How To Get High PR Backlinks FREE From Hackable Website

Note: simply put,an exploit is a piece of code that an attacker can use for things like access a website or read a database.

  1. Go to exploit-db

  2. just grab a CMS exploit in the web app section. choose only new exploit.

  3. You will find inside the exploit a string called ‘google dork’. The dork is used for find exploit-vulnerable website from google, is not different from the ‘footprint’ you use on scrapebox/gscraper.

  4. Now paste the dork on google (or in Scrapebox/Gscraper) and add your keyword.

For example, if the dork is ‘insite:/master.php’ and your niche is ‘web design’

Search for ‘insite:/master.php web design’

  1. you will find a lot of vulnerable websites. If you have scrapebox, just sort for pagerank, else get the firefox plugin seo quake and check the PR of the top 10 results.

  2. Manually visit each link and grab the mail of the website owner (or use the contact form)

  3. mail him and tell him that he has a bug on his website and his business can be owned by some bad guy. Be very tragic on this. Send him also the exploit link, so he can quicly fix.

  4. He will be happy (you saved his entire business) and he will be more than welcome to put a backlink on his website or accept a guest post.

This method is very simple and currently is my favorite way for getting guest post opportunites.

if you have some dev skills, you can also fix the website bug for some $$.