How To Get HBO Max | 3 Month Subscription For Free ⭐


Step 1. Use a smartphone (It doesn’t matter if it’s android or iPhone)


Step 3. Connect to any of these countries in your VPN: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rico, Mexico, or Peru.

Step 4. Go to and sign up with a new phone number (Use the number of the country in which you are connected because if you enter with another method you will have to add CCV).

Step 5. Once the SMS verification has passed, add a temp mail or a real one. It will ask you to point to a location and place a random one.

Step 6. After verifying your account, go to “account” then “Coupons” and finally “Enter a coupon” and Apply (You can search for other coupons if any of these already expired).


Argentina: amigo113td
Peru: amigos1214ex
Mexico: amigo031pt
Mexico: amigo571qh
Mexico: amigo562kq
Colombia: amigo560or
Colombia: amigos10280ht

Step 6. Once you’ve claimed your 3-month coupon, open your HBO MAX app and choose the option “log in with a provider” .

Step 7. Look for the option to log in with rappi (if you can’t find it, go to under all providers and search for “more providers” until you find rappi.

Step 8. It will ask you to log in with your rappi account and enter with SMS or WhatsApp code.

Step 9. Once logged in, enter your name, surname (random), an email to which you have access to later verify your email, and a new password

Step 10. Finally, place access and verify your email. Congratulations, you have 3 months of HBO MAX for free!


Appreciate the share & feedback! don’t be cheap!