How To Get Free Remote Server Via GitHub

This is not a secret and has long been a well-known topic for many, but many also do not know about it.

You don’t need to worry about the main GitHub account, but you can use the new account.


7GB RAM | 2 CPU | 255GB HDD | Download speed 900Mb/s+

There are problems such as:

  • Can turn off at any time
  • Might not turn back on.


  1. Register on GitHub
  2. Go to the repository
  3. Fork this repository
  4. Go to the “Actions” of our Fork
  5. Click on “I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them”
  6. Next you need to go to this site
  7. Click “Start”
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Click “Authorize”
  10. Copy the code from “Windows (PowerShell)”
  11. We return to point “5”
  12. Go to your workflow, after click “Run workflow”

Fill in these fields:

In “Enter CRD code”

We insert the code that we received in paragraph “10”

In Six Digit Pin

We write any password consisting of 6 or more characters.

Example: 123456 (remember, you will need to enter)


  1. We go here and wait until the Server is created.

Happy learning!


wow this is nice, thankyou.

great post


getting this error

Thank you for this share. Awesome :heart_eyes:

is normal tu build up more than 22 minutes?
until now, still building the crd. :cry:

Worked like charm :pray:

can anyone suggest how shall i download file from there, I found trouble finding server address to use scp script.
Is there any other options to download file from the server

how much time you spent for building up the crd?
mine 33minutes and still building. what should i do?

But after using while gone offline, didn’t try again

You should consider this mate, so do all others before using it…

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Got that mate, So only i didnt query on it.

I used total commander with cloud plugin. Managed to transfer around 400gb from gdrive to onedrive. Had to create a few forks when the servers disappeared…

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Hi @TheStrength
Thank you very much for sharing

Tutorial, please . :pray: