How To Generate Proxy & Socks

Using Proxy Servers Is A Free And Nearly UNLIMITED Alternative To A VPN

Getting Started:

Step 1:
Download SOCKS Proxy Checker - This Is How we’ll check our Proxy Lists That get from and ultimately patch our connection through them using it as well.

Step 2:
Next, We’ll head over to…ountry=all
Warning: Instant Dowload Of Proxy List(.txt)

Step 3:
Next, Open SOCKS Proxy Checker And goto File > Load List > (Open Our List We just Got From ProxyScrape(Above))

Step 4:
Then Select [Test Proxies] …Or “The Button icon’d: Magnifying Glass On Sheet Of Paper” LOL
*Update! - * Upon Loading Your new list, you’ll be prompted to test automatically Heart
Run Test.

Step 5:
Select and use any of your “fast” proxies by double-clicking on them Confusedlight_smile: Then Check Your IP Heart

  • Windows will notify you when connected*

Step 6:
Repeat Step 2 Everyday or so to keep your lists updated, Enjoy!

Beware of softwares, use vm for safely